"Home Sweet Home" in Autumn

Kent took this picture when I was researching my "Gorillas" book.
Is the gorilla
using a "cell-ery" phone"?

Part of Gail & Kent's office


Gail Gibbons at work at her desk
Gail is so busy!


Wilbur surrounded by Gail Gibbons books
Wilbur says, "I love books!"



Wilbur with his cat buddy, Tigger!


"Aren't I handsome?", Wilbur says.


"I'm watching you!", Tigger says


Surprise! I didn't know Kent had his camera!

Hello to all you readers!

Love, Kent


Kent's Wonderful "Snowflakes" Photo

Our front yard "Winter Evening"


Wilbur drawing on snow.

Bush with snow hats!

First snow!

Super moon