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Gail and Kent

Gail and Kent

Wilbur says, "ENJOY WRITING!"

Wilbur says,

Most of the time I live in Corinth, Vermont, in the middle of three hundred acres. I live with my husband, Kent Ancliffe, and our dog, Wilbur. We also have one cat named Tigger. Kent and I have two adult children, Rebecca and Eric. Our son, Eric, is married to Veronica. Rebecca is married to Roger so now Kent and I are grandparents to little Greta and Lorenzo. My life in Vermont is very secluded. There are lots of wild animals that live on our property. We also spend a lot of time on an island off the coast of Maine where we have a little farmhouse. In fact, my book, Christmas on an Island, is about Christmas on this island.

I have many hobbies, like swimming and boating, but my favorites are reading and creating books.
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